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We know that time is money on shoots.  We want to ensure that when you hire SSP Media for your production you receive the best value for money by ensuring we make the most of our time on location.  That is why we offer a combined ‘b-roll’ package of aerial drone filming and motion control timelapse.


We’ve often found that when filming as part of a production we are limited, by schedule or the need for quiet, to a few drone flights over the course of the day.  Rather than twiddling our thumbs we take the opportunity to capture motion control timelapse footage on the same shoot and for no extra cost.


By working in this way we can provide your production with visually stunning cutaways and location shots, leaving the rest of the crew to focus on content and actuality.  

Working this way keeps productions managers’ budgets happy, makes production coordinators’ lives simpler, directors’ minds less cluttered and editors’ jobs easier.

Examples of our combined timelapse and drone package

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